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Electroplated Colorful Powder Box-Product Details


Electroplated Colorful Powder Box-Product Details

2024-04-7 16:27:22

Symphony electroplating is a special electroplating process that can form a plating layer with a fantasy effect on the surface of an object. Typically, the application areas of Symphony Electroplating include:
Jewelry and accessories: Colorful electroplating can give jewelry and jewelry a unique color and luster, increasing their visual appeal.
Mobile phone cases and electronic products: Symphony plating can be used for surface treatment of mobile phone cases, laptop cases and other electronic products to give them a dazzling appearance.
Auto parts: Symphony electroplating is also commonly used for surface treatment of auto parts, adding fashion and personalized elements to the appearance of the car.
Cosmetic packaging: The weight and capacity of the powder box you mentioned may refer to the application of colorful electroplating on cosmetic packaging, which can give cosmetic packaging a unique appearance.
In general, phantom electroplating is widely used in the field of decoration and beautification of object surfaces. If you have more questions about Symphony Plating or need more detailed information, please feel free to let me know.
Electroplated Symphony Powder Box Weight and Capacity 501p