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AnsixTech mold design

7 Jan 2019
AnsixTech is a professional mold design company, we provide high-quality mold design services. We have an experienced design team and advanced software and tools to meet the needs of various industries.
In terms of mold design, we use CAD/CAM software for design. These software have powerful modeling and analysis functions that can help us accurately design the structure and size of the mold. We can design molds that meet the characteristics and specifications of our customers’ products according to their needs and requirements.
In addition to CAD/CAM software, we also use other auxiliary tools to assist in mold design. For example, we use mold flow analysis software to simulate the plastic injection molding process to optimize mold design and reduce product defects. We also use mold design software to perform structural analysis and optimization of the mold to ensure the stability and durability of the mold.
During the mold design process, we focus on communication and understanding with our customers. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and requirements and design according to the features and specifications of their products. We will provide design sketches and 3D models for customers to review and confirm to ensure design accuracy and consistency.
AnsixTech is committed to providing customers with high-quality mold design services, with high quality, high efficiency and customer satisfaction as its tenets. Our design team and advanced software and tools will ensure you get a satisfactory mold design. If you need help with mold design, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to serve you.

AnsixTech’s Plastic CNC machining factory

7 Jan 2019
AnsixTech Plastic CNC Machined Parts Division is a separate division of our company.Founded in 2020, It is a CNC plastic machining department established mainly to meet the product needs of our customers. The plastic CNC machining department has 110 workers and 16 engineering designers, who are mainly responsible for plastic product design and development and CNC programming.AnsixTech plastic CNC machined parts department supporting equipment includes:
AnsixTech has many CNC Machines(Does not include our mold processing equipment. This equipment is only used to process plastic parts), which includes 2 Mazak VCN 530C with 18 No XYZ 1020 VMC. Also 6 Bridgeport VMC plus 4 ProTurn Lathes and a 5 Mazak Mill/Turn. These are just a few of the Machines that are available to produce Quality plastic CNC components.
Customers currently served include: industrial equipment, new energy vehicles, automation equipment manufacturers, tooling and fixtures, medical equipment, industrial control, aviation, shipping, petrochemicals, instrumentation, beauty equipment, electronic semiconductors, 5G fields etc.
Notably, AnsixTech’s has many years CNC Plastic Machining experience. Furthermore, in that time, Our have accumulated a vast amount of plastic material knowledge. Also, gathering an enviable amount of technical manufacturing capabilities. All of which, enables the company to remain a leading force in the China for plastic Machining and plastic fabrication.

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