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S-shaped guide rail Plastic Guide Rail Special-shaped chain wear-resistant polyethylene chain guide rail customized U-shaped K-shaped single and double row guide rail slide rail T-shaped guide groove

Plastic Guide Rail

S-shaped guide rail Plastic Guide Rail Special-shaped chain wear-resistant polyethylene chain guide rail customized U-shaped K-shaped single and double row guide rail slide rail T-shaped guide groove

UHMW-PE plastic guide rail is a guide rail made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) material. UHMW-PE is an engineering plastic with excellent properties, including high wear resistance, low friction coefficient, good chemical resistance and low temperature resistance.

UHMW-PE plastic guide rails have the following characteristics:

High wear resistance: UHMW-PE material has extremely high wear resistance and can withstand long-term friction and wear. It is suitable for guide rail systems with high load and high-speed movement.

Low friction coefficient: UHMW-PE material has a low friction coefficient, which can reduce energy loss and noise generation and improve the operating efficiency of the guide rail.

Chemical corrosion resistance: UHMW-PE material has good corrosion resistance to chemicals such as acids, alkalis, and solvents, and is not easily eroded by chemical substances.

Low temperature resistance: UHMW-PE material can maintain its physical and mechanical properties in low temperature environments, and is suitable for guide rail systems in low temperature environments.

Self-lubricating: UHMW-PE material has good self-lubricating properties, which can reduce friction and wear and extend the service life of the guide rail.

UHMW-PE plastic guide rails are widely used in various mechanical equipment, especially where high wear resistance and low friction coefficient are required. It can improve the operating efficiency and service life of equipment and reduce maintenance and replacement costs. In addition, UHMW-PE material also has good electrical insulation properties and is suitable for some rail systems with high electrical insulation requirements. please send us a message (Email: ) at any time and our team will reply to you within 12 hours.


  • UHMW-PE Material Parameter Sheet

    UHMW-PE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) is a special polyethylene material whose main components include the following components:
    Polyethylene basis: UHMW-PE is a polymer formed from ethylene monomer through polymerization reaction. Ethylene monomer is a colorless, odorless gas composed primarily of carbon and hydrogen.
    Ultra-high molecular weight: One of the characteristics of UHMW-PE is that its molecular weight is very high, usually between 1 million and 10 million. This ultra-high molecular weight gives UHMW-PE excellent wear resistance, impact resistance and chemical resistance.
    Polymerization aids: During the polymerization process, some polymerization aids may be added, such as peroxide initiators and antioxidants. These additives can improve the efficiency of polymerization reactions and product properties.
    Additives: In order to further improve the performance of UHMW-PE, some special additives can be added. For example, lubricants can be added to reduce the friction coefficient, antistatic agents can be added to improve antistatic properties, pigments can be added to change the color, etc.
    It should be noted that the specific ingredients of UHMW-PE may vary from different manufacturers and products. Therefore, when using UHMW-PE materials, it is best to refer to the specific product description and technical data sheet to understand its detailed composition and performance characteristics.

    UHMW-PE Material propery sheetiyw
  • Why Choose AnsixTech for Plastic Machining?
    AnsixTech Plastic CNC Machined Parts Division is a separate division of our company. It is a CNC plastic machining department established mainly to meet the product needs of our customers. The plastic CNC machining department has 110 workers and 16 engineering designers, who are mainly responsible for plastic product design and development and CNC programming.AnsixTech plastic CNC machined parts department supporting equipment includes:
    AnsixTech has many CNC Machines(Does not include our mold processing equipment. This equipment is only used to process plastic parts), which includes 2 Mazak VCN 530C with 18 No XYZ 1020 VMC. Also 6 Bridgeport VMC plus 4 ProTurn Lathes and a 5 Mazak Mill/Turn. These are just a few of the Machines that are available to produce Quality plastic CNC components.
    Customers currently served include: industrial equipment, new energy vehicles, automation equipment manufacturers, tooling and fixtures, medical equipment, industrial control, aviation, shipping, petrochemicals, instrumentation, beauty equipment, electronic semiconductors, 5G fields etc.
    Notably, AnsixTech’s has many years CNC Plastic Machining experience. Furthermore, in that time, Our have accumulated a vast amount of plastic material knowledge. Also, gathering an enviable amount of technical manufacturing capabilities. All of which, enables the company to remain a leading force in the China  for plastic Machining and plastic fabrication.
    Plastic Machining - Engineering Plastic Parts Turned
    Further, our company is always striving to maintain and move forward its excellence in plastic CNC Machining and plastic fabrication capabilities.
    As such, the company achieves the highest industry and quality standards, through ISO9001,IATF16949,ISO13485.We also have an ISO7-level 5-axis CNC plastic parts processing workshop, which can effectively ensure that high-precision parts are processed in a clean workshop to ensure that product dimensional accuracy meets customer requirements.
    Reliably, consistently able to deliver outstanding CNC machined and component fabrications.
    Thus, a AnsixTech co.,Ltd ensuring customers have a  trustworthy, reliable, world class supply chain. In turn, helping to enhance their competitive edge.
    AnsixTech Company Manufacturing capacity
    AnsixTech has four production bases in China and Vietnam. We have a total of 260 injection molding machines. The tonnage of injection molding machines ranges from the smallest 30 tons to 2800 tons. The main injection molding machines include Japan's Fanuc, Sumitomo, Toshiba, Nissei, Engel, and Germany's Arburg (mainly liquid silicone injection molding, mainly two component). China has Haitian and Victor Taichung Machinery, etc.
     AnsixTech is mainly engaged in the fields of medical equipment, automotive interior molds, automotive interior decoration (INS/TOM/DOD), household appliances, daily necessities, kitchenware series, 3C, consumer electronics, industrial control appliances, maternal and infant products, etc.
    Advanced equipment: AnsixTech factory has advanced injection molding equipment, mold manufacturing equipment and processing equipment. our use the latest technology and equipment to ensure efficiency and quality of the production process.
    Production capacity: AnsixTech factory has strong production capacity and can meet customers’ mass production needs. our have efficient production lines and processes that enable them to quickly respond to customer orders and deliver on time.
    Quality Control: AnsixTech factory attaches great importance to quality control.our have a strict quality management system, including quality control and inspection from raw material procurement to production process. our use advanced testing equipment and methods to ensure that the quality of their products meets customer requirements and standards.
    Technical team: AnsixTech factory has a professional technical team, including engineers, technicians and quality control personnel. our have rich experience and professional knowledge and can provide technical support and solutions to ensure the smooth progress of the production process and the quality of the products.
    Environmental management: AnsixTech factory focuses on environmental protection and sustainable development. our comply with environmental regulations and standards and take steps to reduce their impact on the environment, such as waste disposal and energy management. If you have any questions about products in the plastic molding and mold field, please send us a message(Email: ) at any time and our team will reply to you within 12 hours.
  • Plastic Sheets CNC Cutting S-shaped guide rail 
    The process of machining UHMW-PE guide rails is as follows:
    Material preparation: Select the appropriate UHMW-PE material to ensure that its quality and performance meet the requirements. UHMW-PE materials are typically supplied in sheet or rod form.
    Design and engineering: According to the requirements and application scenarios of the guide rail, design the guide rail that meets the requirements, and conduct engineering analysis to ensure its performance and feasibility. Factors such as the size, shape, and hole location of the guide rail need to be considered during the design process.
    Cutting processing: Use CNC machine tools or other appropriate cutting equipment for processing. According to the design drawings, the UHMW-PE material is cut into the shape and size of the guide rail. During the cutting process, attention needs to be paid to controlling parameters such as cutting speed, tool selection, and cutting lubrication to ensure cutting quality and material performance.
    Drilling and milling: Processing steps such as drilling and milling are performed on the guide rails as needed to meet specific requirements. These processing steps can be used to install bolts, secure rails, etc.
    Surface treatment: As needed, surface treatment is performed on the guide rail, such as polishing, spraying, etc. Surface treatment can improve the appearance and performance of the guide rail and increase its wear and corrosion resistance.
    Inspection and quality control: Strict inspection and quality control are carried out on the processed UHMW-PE guide rails to ensure that their dimensional accuracy, surface quality and performance meet the requirements.
    Packaging and delivery: The processed UHMW-PE guide rails will be properly packaged to prevent damage and delivered as per customer requirements.
    During the entire processing process, attention needs to be paid to controlling the processing parameters to ensure that the quality and performance of the UHMW-PE guide rail meet the requirements. At the same time, it is also necessary to carry out customized design and provide technical support according to customer needs to meet the needs of different industries and application fields.
  • Plastic sheets CNC cutting UPE9by
  • CNC machining technology and inspectionia5plastic CNC processo4z
  • Plastic CNC Machining Parts Fabrication
    Plastic machined parts manufacturing refers to the use of mechanical processing methods to process plastic materials to produce parts that meet design requirements. Our manufacturing process usually includes the following steps:
    Design: Design parts according to product needs and specifications. This includes determining the shape, size, material, etc. of the part.
    Material preparation: Select suitable plastic materials and carry out material preparation work, such as cutting, heat treatment, etc.
    Processing preparation: Select appropriate machining methods and processes according to the design requirements of the parts. This includes choosing the right machine tools, tools, fixtures, etc.
    Processing operations: Carry out machining operations according to the requirements of processing preparation. Common plastic machining methods include CNC milling, CNC turning, drilling, cutting, etc.
    Inspection and adjustment: Conduct quality inspection on the processed parts to ensure that they meet the design requirements. Make adjustments and corrections if necessary.
    Surface treatment: Surface treatment is performed on the parts as needed, such as grinding, polishing, spraying, etc.
    Assembly and testing: Assemble the processed parts, test and debug them to ensure their normal operation.
    Plastic machined parts manufacturing requires the use of appropriate mechanical equipment and tools, such as CNC machines, cutting tools, jigs, etc. At the same time, appropriate processing methods and processes need to be selected based on different plastic material characteristics and processing requirements.
    Plastic machined parts manufacturing is widely used in many industries, such as automobile manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, etc. It can manufacture plastic parts of various shapes and sizes to meet the needs of different industries for parts. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the manufacturing of plastic machined parts is also constantly developing, and many advanced technologies and processes are applied to improve production efficiency and product quality.