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Automotive AC Air Outlet

Automotive Parts Molding

Automotive AC Air Outlet

The car air conditioning outlet is a component used to adjust and distribute the air outlet direction and intensity of the vehicle air conditioning system. It is usually located inside the vehicle on the dashboard or center console and is used to deliver hot and cold air to various areas of the vehicle.

The difficulties in manufacturing injection molds for automobile air conditioning outlets and the injection molding process are as follows


  •                                                                                                           difficulty:

    In general, the injection mold and injection molding process for manufacturing automobile air conditioning outlets face some difficulties, such as complex shapes and structures, material selection and processing, etc. However, through reasonable mold design and manufacturing, as well as precise control of injection molding parameters and cooling systems, these difficulties can be overcome and high-quality automotive air conditioning outlet injection molding can be achieved.

  • Mold Description

    Product Materials:


    Mold Material:


    Number of Cavities:


    Glue Feeding Method:

    Hot runner

    Cooling Method:

    Oil cooling

    Molding Cycle


  • Automotive AC Air Outlet Mold flow analysis and mold design
    The mold design of the air outlet of the household car air conditioner is a key process link. The following are some key processes and mold flow analysis details:

    Key processes of mold design
    Mold structure design: Considering the versatility and diversified design of the air outlet, the mold structure needs to meet the shape and size requirements of various air outlets, while ensuring the stability and durability of the mold.

    Cooling system design: The air outlet usually has a complex structure and requires a reasonably designed cooling system to ensure that plastic materials can be cooled quickly during injection molding and reduce quality problems caused by uneven deformation and shrinkage.

    Mold material selection: Select a suitable mold material, usually tool steel with high hardness, high strength and wear resistance, to ensure the service life and stability of the mold.

    Mold processing technology: Mold processing includes CNC machining, electric discharge machining, wire cutting processing, etc., and precision processing of mold parts to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the mold.

    Mold flow analysis details
    Filling Simulation: Simulate the filling process of melt in the mold cavity, and evaluate parameters such as filling time, filling pressure, and filling speed to predict possible defects such as poor filling, bubbles, and short injections.

    Cooling simulation: Considering the complex structure of the air outlet, cooling simulation needs to be performed to evaluate parameters such as cooling time, temperature distribution and shrinkage to ensure uniform cooling of the entire air outlet and reduce deformation and uneven shrinkage zones Come quality issues.

    Thermal Stress Analysis: Since the air outlet is usually a large, thin-walled plastic component, thermal stress needs to be analyzed and a reasonable structure and cooling system designed to reduce the impact of thermal stress on product quality.

    Mold structure optimization: Based on the mold flow analysis results, the mold structure is optimized, including optimization of the cooling system, gate design, etc., to improve product molding quality and production efficiency.
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  • The mold manufacturing process for GM air conditioning outlets usually includes the following steps:

    Design: According to product design requirements, formulate a mold design plan, including structural design, cooling system design, gate design, etc.

    Mold processing: Carry out mold processing according to the design plan, including CNC machining, EDM machining, wire cutting processing, etc., and perform precision processing of mold parts.

    Assembly: Assemble the mold parts, including installing adjustment devices, connecting pipes, etc.

    Debugging: Debugging the assembled mold to ensure the accuracy and stability of the mold.

    Trial mold: Carry out trial mold production, adjust and optimize the mold to ensure the molding quality and production efficiency of the product.

    When choosing the material for your GM air conditioning outlet, you usually need to consider the following factors:

    High temperature resistance: The air conditioning outlet will be affected by high temperature during use, so the material needs to have good high temperature resistance to ensure the stability and safety of the product.

    Wear resistance: Since air conditioning outlets require frequent adjustment and use, the material needs to have good wear resistance to ensure the service life and stability of the product.

    Molding performance: Materials need to have good molding properties to ensure the quality and efficiency of mold processing and product molding.

    Surface quality: Materials need to have good surface quality to ensure the appearance and texture of the product.

    Common material choices include engineering plastics, such as ABS, PC, PA, etc. These materials have good high temperature resistance, wear resistance and molding properties, and are suitable for the manufacture of automobile air conditioning outlets. In addition, other special materials can be selected according to the requirements of specific products, such as materials with flame retardant properties.

    The advantage of these materials is that they have good high temperature resistance, wear resistance and molding properties, which can meet the requirements of automobile air conditioning outlets during use. They also have good processing properties and are suitable for mold manufacturing.
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